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Nagisa Motomiya is one of the main characters in the AKB0048 series. She is also one of the AKB0048's trainees.


Nagisa has short brown hair with a green ribbon tied into it and red-brown eyes. She has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Nagisa is a girl who lacks a certain amount of faith in herself and desires to change herself. In addition to being a huge fan, she sees the opportunity to join AKB0048 as a way to reinvent herself.



Four years ago, Nagisa, along with Yuka and Orine, were brought by Chieri to an abandoned mine where
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an AKB0048 concert was held. Yuuko notices the girls during the concert and waves to them and says goodbye before the ship takes off. After witnessing the concert and the battle between AKB0048 and the DES soldiers, in which AKB0048 won the battle, the four girls vowed to join AKB0048 one day.

To The AuditionsEditar

On Rankastar, Nagisa attends a school alongside her friend Yuka. After a day of classes and meeting with Orine, Yuka shows the two of them an audition card she received from AKB0048, calling all girls who want to audition and send in a tape of their performing. Nagisa performs and doesn't think she got in, but is overjoyed when she, Yuka, and Orine are chosen to attend the audtions. At first Nagisa is excited, and runs home to ask her mother and father. Her father, though, who is a government official for DES, refuses to have his daughter involved in entertainment, and also orders her to tear down her AKB0048
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on her wall. Nagisa tearfully storms away, and her mother follows her up to her room, where Nagisa rails angrily against her father, while her mother watches helplessly. After a restless night, Nagisa decides to defy her father and run away to the auditions. As she leaves, her mother shows up, and Nagisa thinks that she is here to stop her. However, she hands Nagisa a bow made by her and wishes her luck in the auditions. After giving her mother a big hug, she takes her bike and barely makes the train to the space station. In Episode 2, Nagisa and her friends are entering the station when an alert comes on regarding the escape of Chieri from her father's company, Zodiac. At that point, Chieri in disguise runs into Orine and knocks her over, and keeps going, despite Yuka and Nagisa's scolding. Once on the ship, the girls meet the other three auditioners on the ship, Makoto, Suzuko, and Sonata. Nagisa decides to search for Chieri, and thinks she finds her in a cargo bay. However, Chieri stuns her when she calls Nagisa her rival, and that Nagisa had better start thinking of the other girls as her rivals or else she will never make it into AKB0048 before vanishing.
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As Nagisa has lunch with the girls and mulls over the meaning of Chieri's words, the DES attacks the ship, intent on capturing the six girls bound for the auditions. As Nagisa and her friends run, they are eventually cornered in a room with several other frightened passengers. When the DES break in, a soldier grabs Nagisa by the hair, but is quickly disabled when Takamina, Kojiharu, Tomochin and Sayaka burst into the room to rescue the girls and the passengers. As they make their escape, Nagisa realizes that her bow fell off in the scuffle with the soldiers and returns to get it. She is kidnapped by a soldier who grabs hold of her, but is saved when the soldier is shot by a now undisguised Chieri. Nagisa goes to thank her, but Chieri rebukes her for not being able to defend herself. As she does this, a DES bomb rocks the ship, and a chandelier falls and traps Chieri. Rather then run, Nagisa tries to help her, and then Yuuko arrives and helps free Chieri. They then escape, and as Mayuyu covers them, they escape.

In Episode 3, Nagisa and her six friends join all the other girls who have come to audition for AKB0048. After being informed by Tsubasa that the requirement for passing the audition will be to have a successful performance of "Beginner", Nagisa and the girls are escorted by Kojiharu off to practice. This includes battling robots, zero gravity environments, and firearms training. As Nagisa and the other auditioners collapse in the training room, Tsubasa informs them that the auditioners will not be performing "Beginner", rather they will be defending AKB0048 during a performance of "Beginner". At this, the girls are shocked and expressed their tiredness as they get ready for bed. Chieri scolds them for their lack of commitment, and leaves to sleep elsewhere. Nagisa chases after her, with Yuka not far behind. The duo come across the current members of AKB0048 performing in the dance studio long after they other girls have gone to bed. When they start to fight, Nagisa bursts in and tells them to stop fighting. The members are stunned, then start laughing. As Takamina explains, these arguments lead to the girls learning from each other, and help them grow as a group. As Nagisa and Yuka go back to bed, they encounter two girls who want to tell Tsubasa to stop the training, and that its unfair the members of AKB0048 don't have to do the same. Nagisa starts to protest, but Yuka breaks in and scolds the girls.

After talking to the current members, Nagisa and her friends step up their game and excel in the training. As they
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descend to the guerilla planet, Nagisa is undestandbly nervous, but after a pep talk from AKB0048, her spirits rise a little. On the planet's surface, as AKB0048 begins their performance, most of the girls are eliminated right away. Nagisa however stands firm against the DES, and takes cover next to Chieri. When Chieri says she will draw the fire of a robot so Nagisa can get a clear shot, Nagisa chases after her, and as a result Chieri supposedly is shot. As she lays on the ground, Nagisa beside her, Nagisa soon realizes it is paint. Then Tsubasa appears and informs the girls that they have passed the auditions and the whole thing was a ruse. Nagisa celebrates with her six friends as AKB0048 arrives.
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On AkibastarEditar

As the girls arrive on AKB0048's home planet, Nagisa and her friends are treated to a performance of AKB0048 in their home stadium. Nagisa is wowed by the number of fans in the stadium and that someday she will get to perform here. After the performance and meeting Kanata and Mimori, Nagisa is shown to her room by Mimori, where she fantasizes about becoming a "new me". She later joins Suzuko and a few of the other girls in looking at the pictures of the past girls who have held Center Position. The next day, at dance practice, when Chieri insults Kanata, she confronts Chieri in the locker room for her actions and words. Chieri explains her actions, then leaves. Later, Nagisa joins the other six girls in a song down by the riverside.

In Episode 5, Nagisa, after a rough start to the morning and an attempt to spend the day practicing, follows Chieri into the city. She follows her until Chieri notices and confronts her. After a misunderstanding with a passerby, she and Chieri share a few moments alone before Yuuko shows up, snapping a candid shot of the two. As Nagisa, Yuuko, and Chieri sit on the roadside looking at pictures of AKB0048 members past and present, Yuuko shares her memories of Atsuko Maeda, and that she admired her very much. After Yuuko leaves, Nagisa states she wants to succeed Yuuko, until Chieri reminds her that in order for Nagisa to succeed Yuuko, Yuuko must graduate. Nagisa changes her mind and Chieri and Nagisa attempt to copy Yuuko's dance moves and somewhat succeed, earning applause from the passerbys, but vow to do even better and to practice hard to catch up to Yuuko.