Chef Papa
Chef Papa episode 5


Japanese Name パパコック
Romanized Name Papa Kokku
English Name Chef Papa
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Akibastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 4 - I Won't Let Down Their Efforts
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Itaru Yamamoto
English Voice John Swasey

Chef Papa is a chef who is affiliated with AKB0048. According to Mimori Kishida, his meals are exquisite.


He's a middle-age man with light brownish-blond hair and black eyes. He's a little overweight and wears a traditional chef suit.


Chef Papa is kind, straight forwarded, and he is always happy and ready to serve anyone his food. Chef Papa also keeps in mind of the likes and dislikes of the food of the people he serves.


Season 2 - Next StageEdit

It is revealed in Episode 22, after the attack on Akibastar in Episode 21, that Chef Papa and Tomochin and Kojiharu along with the 76th Generation understudies, are still under the stadium, protected by a barrier that surrounds the shrine that holds Sensei Sensei and tending to injured citizens of Akibastar who have escaped into the shrine with them.



Chef Papa's CookingEdit

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