The Indelible Dream
Episode 1
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Episode Information
Kanji 消せない夢
Romaji Kesenai Yume
English The Indelible Dream
Length 28:22 (Sub)
29:52 (Dub)
Opening N/A
Ending Heavy Rotation
(orchestra version)
Air Date
Japanese April 29, 2012
DVD Release
North America September 23, 2013
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The Indelible Dream (消せない夢, Kesenai Yume) was the 1st episode of Season 1 of the AKB0048 anime.


Nagisa, Yuka, Orine and Chieri witnesses in secret an AKB0048 concert. After seeing the concert, the four girls decided to join one day AKB0048. 4 years later, Nagisa, Yuka and Orine decide to audition to become members of AKB0048, although Nagisa has trouble singing due to the restrictions placed upon her by her father. As the girls hear that they've passed the first round of auditions, Nagisa becomes downhearted as she wouldn't be allowed to go. However, after hearing about Yuka's and Orine's reasons for wanting to join AKB0048, Nagisa decides to join Yuka and Orine and head off to the auditions.


The episode begins with Acchan's monologue over a starry sky. The screen then cuts to the planet Lancastar where a group of people are attempting to cross a barrier set up by government officials. The police officers patrolling the barrier refuse to let them pass, suspicious that they may be attempting to get into the AKB0048 concert.


The young girls watch their idols.

Underground in the mines, Nagisa MotomiyaOrine Aida, Yuka Ichijo, and Chieri Sono are making their way to the concert. A flashlight, belonging to a police officer, begins to shine and the girls hug the wall to avoid being seen. The flashlight turns off and they continue to make their way to the concert.

They make it to some abandoned tracks, where Yuka passes out drinks in cartons. Nagisa asks Chieri if this 'live entertainment' is all it's cracked up to be. Chieri tells her that 'It's a radience you could never forget'. The girls hear the chants of the word 'AKB0048' and excitedly make their way outside. There's a huge crowd of people that have come to see AKB0048, stood on a floating stage.

Their first song of the night is Aitakatta. They have large holograms above where they are stood so that the crowd can see them. Orine, Yuka, Nagisa and Chieri watch in delight and amazement as AKB0048 perform for the thrilled crowds. Orine remarks that she has a bad feeling. Chieri begins to sing along to the lyrics. The stage breaks apart with each member stood on a platform as they fly around the area, greeting and (in Kojiharu's case) blowing kisses to the crowd.

Mariko is seen warning of a group of unmaned fighter crafts approaching the stage and orders for the shield around the stage to be strengthened and the Guardian Angels, manned mechas, to be sent in. She contacts Takamina and warns her of the oncoming attack. The girls begin to sing Shoujotachi Yo as fire begins.

AKB0048 - 01 - Large 15

Kojiharu and Sayaka.

The Guardian Angels take out a number of enemy mechas easily, but as riot control officers appear, AKB0048 becomes under attack. Yuuko sends a bomb flying in their direction as Sayaka fights a few with her fists.She is placed in a headlock before she's saved by Kojiharu. Nagisa watches in admiration as a Kirara, a glowing jellyfish-like creature, appears. Sayaka and Kojiharu continue to fight the officers until they're hit by a shoot of water. Under instructions from a Guardian Angel (controlled by most likely Miyazawa Sae the 9th), Takamina takes out another officer with her hairbow.

As the fight and song end, AKB0048 call out their goodbyes before the stage flies away and disappears into thin air. NagisaOrineYuka and Chieri decide that one day, they will aim to be AKB0048 members.

Nagisa leaped in joy

Nagisa leaped in joy.

This scene is followed by a four-year timeskip, while riding her bike all the way to school, Nagisa listen to Aitakatta through her MP3. She stop her bike by a wall, climbing onto it and glimpse at the abandoned mine where the concert was held. Recalling the memories she had with her friends at that time, she sings: Aitakatta, Yes! and leaped on the wall in joy.

Later at school, Nagisa falling asleep during class until she is woken by Yuka, who is showing her a hologram AKB0048 card advertising the 77th AKB0048 auditions. Nagisa exclaims in delight, surprising her teacher and the rest of her class. Yuka hides the card underneath a book as Nagisa sheepishly returns to her seat.

The scene cuts to Orine engineering, presumably at a factory, as she is watched by two older women. Here is is revealed that Orine has no members of her family left. Orine comments on how much she enjoys operating machines and is handed a bag of leftovers by the older women. At this moment, Orine's phone beings to ring. It's a text from Yuka, telling her to come out back to find out about the auditions.

Img 1045595 30659530 6

AKB0048 hologram.

Yuka presses a button and a hologram of Takamina appears. She tells the girls about AKB0048's auditions for their 77th generation of trainees. At this moment, an excited Yuuko appears, telling the girls about how they too can take the name of their favourite idol. The rest of the girls appear behind them, and the group chants 'We look forward to your applications!'.The hologram film ends with instructions explaining how to apply. Nagisa stands up and declares that she will apply to become a member of AKB0048.

The scene then cuts back to the mine entrance where the girls watched the AKB0048 performance four years ago, now filiming their applications. Yuka goes first. Orine, who is filiming, comments that she sounds a little like Mayuyu. Nagisa begins to film her application, singing Aitakatta, but mumbles the words and doesn't look at the camera. Nagisa complains that she finds singing embarrasing as Yuka lectures her on how she won't pass at this rate.

The scene cuts to the trio walking home, as Nagisa asks what they'd do if they were really accepted. Yuka says she wants to succeed Mariko, whereas Orine says she would prefer Sasshi. Yuka tells her she doesn't fit Sasshi's image as a boy begins to make his way round the corner. Yuka hurriedly tells the others that she's going ahead. The two leave Orine and Nagisa behind. Mariko is shown in a strange room, praying for someone or something to call upon the 'Holy Lyric'.

AKB0048 - 01 - Large 27

A poster of AKB0048.

Nagisa is eating a meal at home with her parents when her father brings up the AKB0048 poster Nagisa has hung up in her room. Nagisa responds angrily, asking him why he went in her room. He instructs her to take the poster down due to the Entertainment Ban. It is revealed he is an Entertainment Administration officer when he also questions her about singing in her room.

Nagisa leaves her meal at the table and heads to her room, where she begins to take the poster down before changing her mind. Nagisa comments on how she'd like to be an idol and how pretty their ribbons are, unaware her mother is also in the room with a plate of rice balls. Nagisa complains about how she isn't allowed to achieve her dreams because of her father's job. Her mother leaves the room, telling her to bring down the plate when she's done. Nagisa cries the whole night alone in her room.

The next day, Yuka has fallen to her knees in astonishment on the road as Nagisa and Orine prepare to set off on their bikes. Yuka excitedly tells them that all three of them have made it through to the first round of the auditions. Orine goes to hug her, but Nagisa remains stationary. Yuka and Orine as her what's wrong and are surprised as she tells them she won't be able to go because her dad won't allow her to go and she has no confidence in her singing. A furious Yuka yells at Nagisa for being a lame coward and leaves in annoyance.

Nagisa asks her father again only to be met with the same response. She persists, but he still refuses to let her go. Nagisa runs out of the house, down the street and past the park, only to catch Yuka slapping the boy she met earlier. The boy tells her that he loves her, but won't be able to anymore if she becomes a famous idol. Yuka promises him she'll pass the audition and runs off in a fit of anger.

Ep01 screenshot041

Nagisa dreams that Yuka and Orine is the member of AKB0048.

Orine is cleaning the factory, reminscing about how much she'll miss it if she becomes an idol. She remembers how her parents were killed and how supportive everybody was before promising she'll return one day. The scene cuts to Nagisa lying in the field of dandelion clocks where they first saw AKB0048 perform. Yuka and Orine approach her, trying to wake her up. Nagisa dreams of Orine and Yuka performing as members of AKB0048, whilst she can only watch in the audience.

Later that night, Nagisa has returned to her room and is lying awake in bed, having taken the poster down. Nagisa is unable to sleep for the rest of the night, remaining restless until morning. She finally climbs out of bed and decides that she has to go to the audition. She is about to leave before being interrupted by her mother. who ties a green ribbon in her hair to match the poster. She grabs her bike as she rides towards the airport. Her father asks where she is, and her mother lies, saying that she is still asleep.
Nagisa and Orine

Orine and Nagisa's hand. (Correct Version Anime)

The doors of the aeroplane begin to close and Orine begins to panic. Nagisa continues to ride determinedly by the side of the runway, refusing to let it leave without her. She falls off her bike and runs along the runway in an attempt to keep up with the aeroplane. Orine opens the door and reaches out her hand for Nagisa to take, but Nagisa is too far behind and the pair struggle. Just as the plane begins to take off, Yuka appears and pulls Nagisa inside, closing the door as the plane takes off into the air. Orine, Yuka felt relieved Nagisa finally made it into the plane. The three of the then held their hands high, vow to reach their dreams soon.

Episode 01 credits

Episode 01 credits.

The episode ends with a list of credits and a preview of Episode 2. In the English Dub, the episode was added an additional credits of Sentai Filmworks which includes a list of English Voice Cast of the anime after the episode ends.


List of Characters by Order of Appearance:

  1. Nagisa Motomiya
  2. Chieri Sono
  3. Yuka Ichijo
  4. Orine Aida
  5. Atsuko Katagiri (4 Years Ago)
  6. Shiori Arisawa (4 Years Ago)
  7. Hikari Kimishima (4 Years Ago)
  8. Mamoru
  9. Nagisa's Father
  10. Nagisa's Mother




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  • The scene where Nagisa rides her bike to reach the train bases on the lyrics of Aitakatta .
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