Their Day Off
Episode 5
Episode Information
Kanji それぞれの休日
Romaji Sorezore no Kyūjitsu
English Their Day Off
Length 24:02 (Sub)
25:32 (Dub)
Opening Kibou ni Tsuite
Ending Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru
Air Date
Japanese May 27, 2012
DVD Release
North America September 23, 2013
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Their Day Off (それぞれの休日, Sorezore no Kyūjitsu) is the 5th episode of Season 1 of the AKB0048 anime.


Tsubasa tells everyone that all the idols have a day off today, and the 77th Generation go off to do various things and meet different AKB members. Suzuko and Sonata try to investigate the mysterious Sensei-sensei, while Nagisa and Chieri go out to town and meet Yuuko. Makoto, Kanata and Mimori do some training to try and change their personalities, and Yuka and Orine meet Tomochin, who brings them back to her house. All the members talk to the 77th Generation about what it takes to become someone else, and what keeps them going.



Orine, Yuka, Mimori, and Chieri sharing a mirror.

The episode opens with Nagisa running down the stairs fearing she will be late. She ends up in the bathroom and finds the other eight 77th generation members getting ready for the day, with four of them each

Suzuko, Sonata, Makoto, and Kanata sharing a mirror.

sharing a mirror. They then get breakfast in the kitchen along with the current members of AKB0048. Minami greets the girls with a smile, and Mayuyu becomes upset when she is told by Chef Papa there is nothing left to eat, to which she glows in response. The girls head down to practice, but are stunned to find the dance instructor is not there. Tsubasa then walks up, informing them they have their one recreational day off a month. The members are all for practicing, but Tsubasa encourages them to take the day for themselves. The show then cuts to the girls sitting in the lobby, trying to decide what to do with their day. Chieri heads out, stating she is going shopping and it is her business what she does on her day off, while Nagisa chases after her. Makoto is then taken off by Mimori and Kanata, and Sonata and Suzuko go off to the bath,

Suzuko and Sonata take a bath.

where Sonata wants to play around since usually Kanata will not let her. Suzuko then confides in Sonata that she would like to know who is ultimately in charge of 0048, knowing that Tsubasa and the other adults they have met are not the ones in charge. Mayu then appears in the bath, and mentions someone known as "The Great One", but when Suzuko tries to ask her who that is, Mayu ignores her and begins to torment Sonata for taking her extra helpings at breakfast.

Outside, Kanata is making Makoto run around the front lawn dragging a tire behind her, presumably to help her gain stamina. They are interrupted by Kojiharu, who comes up and scolds Makoto and Kanata for not making use of their luscious legs and pheremones. She drags them off to the house to train them. Mimori tries to follow, but is accosted by Sayaka and Sae, who state she has too much pheremones and will teach her about purity, and not just using her pheremones.

While the other girls are being dragged off for torturous training, Yuka and Orine have decided to spend the day helping Chef Papa in the kitchen. As Chef Papa leaves to go look for a new rice cooker, Tomomi enters, having overslept and needing breakfast. Yuka and Orine then make her fried rice, and Tomomi proceeds to drown it in hot spices, including Tabasco sauce. After eating, she asks Yuka and Orine to join her if they are free.

In the city, Nagisa is following Chieri, and confronts her for her lack of feeling. When a man runs up presumably to accost Chieri, Nagisa tackles her to protect her. The guy then tells Chieri that her tag is still on her skirt, and both girls apologize for their rudeness. As Nagisa and Chieri enjoy a precious moment, Yuuko walks up behind them and snaps a candid shot, startling both girls.

Back at the house, Suzuko is looking through the book jackets of the past CDs of AKB0048 and notice that all of the albums are dedicated to someone named S-Quadruple. Just as she realizes this, Yukirin walks up behind Suzuko and Sonata and takes the book jacket, stating that the members of AKB0048 are forbidden from investigating into who S-Quadruple is. When Suzuko asks what would happen if they did investigate, Yuki replies that her belly button would be stolen. Undeterred, Suzuko takes Sonata downstairs, and see Tsubasa heading out of the house to supposedly deal with an issue related to the mysterious Sensei Sensei. The two girls follow her, with Sonata protesting that she does not want to lose her belly button.

Tomochin, Yuka, and Orine are in the city and stop in front of a temple. They enter a beautiful courtyard, and meet

Yuka and Orine at Tomochin's home.

Tomomi's mother, grandmother, and older sister, all of whom appear to be older version of Tomochin. Each of them have the diamond pattern in her hair and eyes, indicating graduates of AKB0048. The girls then enter to find out that each of the women in Tomomi's family has been a successor to the
Tomochin family

Tomochin's family.

original Tomomi, Itano Tomomi. Tomochin's mother mentions that each of Itano's sucessors undergoes specific training to become the next Tomochin. The family even goes so far as to marry men who look like Itano, so that their children will become the next Tomochin in AKB0048. Yuka and Orine are then shown that the cases that Tomochin brought with her contain scrolls instructing the current Tomochin in how to be like the original Itano. The screen then cuts to Kojiharu teaching Makoto and Kanata on how to utilize their pheremones and their legs by making them balance books on their heads.

Kanata and Makoto trained by Kojiharu.

Mimori then interrupts their training trying to be cool, but gives up when she states she is too hot and her breasts are killing her. Sayaka throws her over her shoulder and takes her out of the room, ordering her to run ten more laps around the building, with Sae aplogizing for the interruption.

Chieri, Yuuko, and Nagisa sit on a street curb, looking at past photos that Yuuko has taken of AKB0048 and its members. Yuuko states that photography is her hobby, and that she loves to take photos of the other members on her breaks. They then seen a photo of Atsuko, and Yuuko begins to remember her. She states she was an amazing person, and that when she performed, the Kirara would gather around her and create a dress of light. Yuuko swore to herself she would be a Center Position like her. Soon after Yuuko joined, Atsuko graduated and left AKB0048. Yuuko then reveals that all the past Centers have graduated under mysterious circumstances, with Atsuko vanishing in the middle of a concert. All the other past Centers have been the same, and no one knows their whereabouts. She mentions Mii-chan has been rumored to be seen on another planet called Atamistar. Yuuko states that in order to stop the rumors, the Center Position was retired when Atsuko graduated.

The scene then goes to Tomochin, who states that although she wonders what it would be like to be someone else, like Kojiharu, in the end, she loves being like Tomochin. Kojiharu then mentions that she was in the same generation as Yuuko and that Yuuko graduated before her, which caused Kojiharu a little panic. Sayaka and Sae tell Mimori that in 0048 they work hard to become someone else, but their friends keep them grounded and inspire them to keep going. The scene then cuts to Tomochin, Kojiharu, and Yuuko stating the same thing, then Yuuko runs off to take a few more shots, saying goodbye to Chieri and Nagisa. Nagisa then states she wants to succeed Yuuko, and Chieri reluctantly admits she admires her too.

Suzuko and Sonata are seen hiding in the bushes spying on Tsubasa and Ushiyama, their dance instructor

Ushiyama and Tsubasa eating.

as they dine at a small cafe. Ushiyama is then revealed to be a man, and Sonata finds a cat. Nagisa and Chieri practice Yuuko's dance steps, and receive applause from the crowd of people around them. Yuka and Orine attempt to mimic Tomochini's signature look, and fail. Kanata and Makoto succeed in learning how to be sexy, and Mimori continues to exercise alongside Sae and Sayaka, determined not to give up. Tsubasa then states she will be going to see Sensei Sensei after her meal with Ushiyama, but starts to state something to Ushiyama before the camera cuts to Chieri and Nagisa walking home together and stating they will practice Yuuko's move together. Tsubasa and Ushiyama are then shown walking up to Sonata and Suzuko, who are asleep in the bushes, and Tsubasa stating she has to take the girls home, indiciating Tsubasa knew she was being watched the whole time.




  • This is the first episode where all eight current members of AKB0048 have a speaking role.
  • The opening is different this time, with the 75th and 77th Generation members joining fingers and chanting, then the current members of AKB0048 begin singing as normal.
  • This is the first mention of an original member of AKB48, Tomomi Itano, who is a current member of the group.

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