Kirara of Succession
Episode 7
Ep07 screenshot004
Episode Information
Kanji 襲名キララ
Romaji Shūmei Kirara
English Kirara of Succession
Length 24:02 (Sub)
25:32 (Dub)
Opening Kibou ni Tsuite
Ending Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru
Air Date
Japanese June 10, 2012
DVD Release
North America September 23, 2013
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Kirara of Succession (襲名キララ, Shūmei Kirara) is the 7th episode of Season 1 of the AKB0048 anime.


AKB0048′s upcoming concert clashes with a peace ceremony they’ve been invited to, however they cannot cancel either one. Tsubasa decides to restart the under system in which 77th Generation temporarily replace the position of selected members, selected on a skill basis. Kanata is chosen to replace Takamina, with Mimori replacing Kojiharu, Megumi replacing Yukirin, and Chieri replacing Yuuko. Upon hearing the choice for Yuuko, the 76th Generation quickly get jealous over a 77th Generation understudy being picked as a stand-in, and dig into Chieri’s connection to DES. Chieri almost ends up leaving AKB0048, however Kanata consoles her as captain of the trainees. Meanwhile, Takamina, Yuuko, Mayuyu and Yukirin sneak into the underground temple where Sensei Sensei is, and witness a group of Kirara forming the faces of original AKB48 members, with Kanata’s face replacing Takamina’s.


Nagisa wakes up and looks at her wall, full of Yuuko Ooshima posters, and Suzuko takes a picture. Nagisa announces that she will become Yuuko, while Suzuko says that she's in Sonata's camp and placing her bets. Sonata then appears in the room wearing a bear costume, and she says the Tsubasa is calling them. When they all arrive, they meet the 76th Generation understudies. Tsubasa tells them that a few members of the current AKB0048 will be going to a peace ceremony on another planet, and that they would n

Chieri chosen to replace Yuuko.

eed a few stand-ins from the understudies. Kanata is chosen to stand-in for Takamina, Mimori is chosen to stand-in for Kojiharu, Megumi Wanibuchi; a 76th Generation girl is chosen to replace Yukirin, and Chieri is chosen to stand-in for Yuuko. T

Megumi protesting Tsubasa.

he 76th Generation girls complain that the 77th Generation got to go before them, and that one of them should be in her place, but then Tsubasa explains that the selection for stand-ins is based on skill, not seniority, and says that if they don't like it, practice more. Meanwhile, the unchosen girls are sent to have the day off. The 77th Generation Girls decide to go off to karaoke, and Nagisa decides to stay in the dorm. Meanwhile, at practice, Mimori and Megumi are being trained by Ushiyama, Chieri is trained by Yuuko, and Kanata is trained by Takamina. Once training is done, the group decides to have green pepper steak, much to Takamina's disgust. The understudies and succesors meanwhile have lunch, and Chieri decides to have more peppers because of Yuuko's actions. The 76th Generation girls are still upset with the fact that Chieri was chosen to be a stand-in, and manage to dig up information about her, her father, and his company. Their actions causes Chieri to try to leave AKB0048, but Kanata stops her and comforts her.




  • This is the second episode that makes no mention of Atsuko Maeda.
  • It is hinted that Ushiyama knew that the Kirara chose Kanata as the new successor of Takamina, saying, "You're close to being promoted."

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