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Return to Lancastar
Episode 11
Episode Information
Kanji ランカスター再び
Romaji Rankasutā Futatabi
English Return to Lancastar
Length 24:02 (Sub)
25:32 (Dub)
Opening Kibou ni Tsuite
Ending Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru
Air Date
Japanese July 8, 2012.
DVD Release
North America September 23, 2013
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Return to Lancastar (ランカスター再び, Rankasutā Futatabi) is the 11th episode of Season 1 of the AKB0048 anime series.


During an AKB0048 concert, it's suddenly announced that the understudies will make their debut performance on Nagisa, Yuka and Orine's home planet, Lancastar. It is also announced that Nagisa will be performing a solo song generally sung by those who receive promotions. Yuka becomes concerned when Mamoru, the boy she has a crush on, tell her to not come back on Lancastar through an e-mail. A new song has been composed by Sensei Sensei for the understudies, the first one since the disapearance of Acchan. Yuuko is then determined to learn the new song. As they approach Lancastar, they learn that DES have learned about the concert. As the understudies visited the town, they encounter Mamoru and his friend Aoi who have become members of the Entertainment Liberation. They explained what happened to Lancastar a few months after Nagisa, Yuka and Orine's departure, including the arrest of Nagisa's father. Soon after, the DES attack the abandoned school where the Entertainment Liberation has chosen as base. The understudies tried to escape, but Orine has been cornered by a DES mobile suit made from parts that came from Orine's factory.



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