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Episode 12 - The Idol Who Sings of Love
Episode 12
Episode Information
Kanji 愛をうたうアイドル
Romaji Ai wa Utau Aidoru
English The Idol Who Sings of Love
Length 24:02 (Sub)
25:32 (Dub)
Opening Kibou ni Tsuite
Ending N/A
Air Date
Japanese July 15, 2012
DVD Release
North America September 23, 2013
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Idols Who Sing Of Love (愛をうたうアイドル, Ai wa Utau Aidoru) is the 12th episode of Season 1 of the AKB0048 anime series.


Nagisa, Chieri and Orine escape the DES, and return to the WOTA, where Nagisa informs them that she wishes to rescue her father. The WOTA manage to smuggle them in, however, Nagisa’s father is unwilling to go, and tells her to escape while she still can. Overcome with the trauma of seeing her father locked up and her mother in a bad emotional state, Nagisa loses her voice to the shock and is quickly replaced in Seaside Cherry by Chieri, who tells her not to quit AKB0048 until she has lost to her. The concert starts with Oogoe Diamond, and Yuka is forced to leave Mamoru when ordered to retreat, only having realized each other’s love recently.



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