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Japanese Name ヒガシノ
Romanized Name Higashino
English Name Higashino
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Naniwastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 18 - The Forbidden Star
Voice Actress/Actor
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Higashino (ヒガシノ) is a DES soldier who works on Vegastar. He's also a fan of Makoto Yokomizo.


He's a middle aged man with brown hairs, beaver-like teeth and a goofy look. He wears a military uniform.


When he's on duty, he can be very strict. However, when he's not on duty, he proves that he can be a very compassionate person. He knows how to give moral support to someone like Makoto when she's depressed.


In Episode 18, Higashino gave support to Makoto when she was feeling useless, saying that her cowardly personality gave him hope.

Later on, Makoto manages to turn off the generator. Higashino sacrifices himself to save Makoto, promising that he'll always be her fan.

At the end of Episode 26, we can see Higashino as a WOTA member.



  • He calls Makoto "Makocchi" (マコッチ).
  • He and Makoto are from the same planet which is Naniwastar.