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Yukirin, Sonata and Chieri in the High Court.

The High Court (Exterior)

The High Court (Interior)

The High Court is a building located in Kasumigastar. It is a Judicial Body run by the Deep Galaxy Trade Organization .The prisonners who enter the High Court to be judged receive severe punishment. For example, those who practice entertainment receive a sentence of 48 years in prison. Yukirin, Chieri, and Sonata are brought to the High Court in Episode 14, but are later freed by the Whole Over Technology Association and the Idol Group, AKB0048. The high court is somewhat a Kangaroo Court due to the fact it consists of almost nothing but blasting people for their alleged offenses. Yukirin, Chieri and Sonata are sentenced here, for the crime of "disturbing the heart", to almost half a century in prison. Fortunately, they're rescued by the rest of 0048 before they could be thrown into prison.