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Japanese Name キララ
Romanized Name Kirara
English Name Kirara
First Appearance Episode 1 - Uneraseable Dream

Kirara (キララ) are a species of luminescent organisms that appeared from hyperspace. Little is known about them in-universe. They can assume multiple forms and are attracted to the radiance of human souls. The more radiant the soul, the brighter they will glow. As such, when they gather together and begin to glow, it's a sign that someone possesses the aura of an idol. They are abundant during idol concerts and provide spotlights for the singers. At its peak their glow will unlock the power to transcend space and time. This is know as the 'Kirara Drive'. They are able to replicate by splitting themselves in two. It seems also that the Kirara are able to change shape and form into something more aggressive and humanoid during the light emitted by a Center Nova, as when they reached out for Mikako Minamino during her final concert before running away. Most personal Kiraras take on a similar appearance to the member who gave birth to it, such as Yuka Ichijo's, which has pigtails.

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