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"If you want to see 00's concert, turn towards that light and run like the wind!"
—Mikako in Episode 13.
Mikako Minamino


Japanese Name 南野美果子 (みなみの みかこ)
Romanized Name Minamino Mikako
English Name Mikako Minamino
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Atamistar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 10 - Miracle of the Waves
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Sachiko Kojima
English Voice Allison Keith

Mikako Minamino (南野 美果子 Minamino Mikako) is a photographer on Atamistar and a former member of AKB0048 as well as a former Center Nova who was also known as Minami Minegishi the 5th (峰岸みなみ (みねぎしみなみ)), also known as Miichan (みぃちゃん).


Mikako has long green hair that has bangs swept to the left side and green eyes. Like all members of AKB0048, she used to have a heart-shaped lining on her hair and eyes. Now the heart-shaped lining is replaced with a diamond-shaped lining, indicating that she had graduated. She also wears a white beach hat and sunglasses to hide it from the other members of AKB0048.


Mikako has a tendency to say words in pig latin, like saying Thanks like Anks-Thay or Sorry like Orry-Say. She's also passionate about her work as a photographer. However, when it goes to the subject of Center Nova, Mikako becomes very serious and even tells Tsubasa that she will do everything in her power to stop the latter from activating the Center Nova position, indicating that she knows something about what really happened to those who were the Center Nova that Tsubasa clearly does not.


During Episode 20, it is revealed that Mikako is working for Chieri's father to uncover the secret of the Center Nova phenomenon.

Later on in Episode 22, Mikako reveals to the current members of AKB0048 that the reason why she went along with the plan of Chieri's father was for the purpose of rescuing the past Center Nova. She tells the girls how at her final concert with AKB0048, she was performing on stage and the light of the Center Nova surrounded her. The Kirara morphed into more agressive beings and reached out for Mikako. Scared, Mii-chan ran from the stage, surrendering her previous identity as the Center Nova and graduating from AKB0048 to become a camerawoman.  She never had a graduation concert and had no desire to either. Nagisa asks Mikako if Yuuko Ooshima is with the other Center Novae, and Mikako confirms this. Nagisa is happy to here this. The girls then leave Mikako.

Later, the ship is attacked by a fleet of DES ships. A spark of electrical energy frees Mii-chan from her jail cell, enabling her to hijack one of the ship's combat robots and leave the ship. At first, the girls and Tsubasa think that Mikako has abandoned them to their fate and is intending to leave them behind. However, Mii-chan surprises them and attacks the DES forces, stating that this is her graduation concert and launches into a solo song called Blue Rose. Mikako's Kirara then appears and shines with a bright blue light. Mii-chan is then shot by an enemy fighter and the light vanishes. Mii-chan has a concussion and barely has time to recover before a rival DES robot appears and aims its gun at her cockpit. Mikako accepts this as her fate to die, but then Takamina saves her at the last minute, and states that while she cannot forgive Mikako, she can understand why she did what she did. The understudies of AKB0048 respond in admiration, and Nagisa pleads with her to help them recover the Center Novae. Mikako agrees and lets Takamina pull her back to the ship, just in time to escape with them.  

AKB48 Member[]

Minami Minegishi (2015)

Minami Minegishi was born on November 15th, 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. She is one of the original Team A members. She is known for her funny personality on TV. After Kana Kobayashi she is the member with the most theater performances (799, November 2014). In 2013 she had a scandal, after that she was demoteed back to Kenkyuusei. In 2013 she became captain of Team 4 and 2015 captain of Team K. She is part of the Sub-Unit No Sleeves (no3b) with Minami Takahashi and Haruna Kojima. She ranked #19 in this year election.


  • The name Mikako means "beautiful" (美) (mi), "fruit" (果) (ka) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Mikako's surname Minamino means "south" (南) (minami) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).







  • Unlike the other Center Nova, she is the only one who ran away before disappearing.
  • Some fans believe that Mii-chan also saw the dream that Nagisa had in Episode 14.
  • She denied the fact of her intentions to stop Tsubasa from activating the Center Nova position.
  • From the events in Episode 20, it is highly possible that she works undercover for Zodiac Corporation under Chieri's father, to know the Center Nova's phenomenon. However, it is unknown whether she knows of Chieri's father's real motives and plans. At the end of the episode, Chieri's father said that he will attack Akibastar, and it is unknown if Mikako knows of his actions. Howeverr, in Episode 21, it is confirmed that she didn't know about his plans.
  • Her goal on the agreement with Zodiac Corporation may involve opening the gateway and rescuing all the Center Novae.
  • In Episode 22, she gave birth to her own Kirara. It is also mentioned that her piloting is the best in AKB history.
  • When she said she'll be "starting over as an understudy", it might be an allusion to the real Minegishi Minami who "started over as an understudy".