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Rino Sashihara


Japanese Name 指原莉乃 (さしはら りの)
Romanized Name Sashihara Rino
English Name Rino Sashihara
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Akibastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 6 - Handshake Debut
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Rino Sashihara the 7th was a previous member of AKB0048 who graduated two years prior to the arrival of the 77th generation. She is also known as Sashiko (さしこ) and Sasshii (さっしー). According to Tsubasa Katagiri, she was one of the most popular members of AKB0048.


Sasshii appeared to have long dark teal hair and purple eyes. Her fan mentions she was able to use it as a whip in battle, although whether this is true or just exaggeration is not known. Like all members of AKB0048, she had a heart-shaped lining on her hair and eyes in the flashback, but she has the diamond mark shared by Tsubasa and other graduates of AKB0048.

AKB48 Member[]

Rino Sashihara in 2014

She's a member of HKT48 Team H. She was a former member of AKB48's Team B before being transferred to Team A. She is also member of the unit Not Yet and has a solo career.


Sasshii was a previous member of AKB0048 who had a massive number of fans.

In Episode 6, Orine Aida mentions in the 77th generation promo video that she aspires to be the successor of Sashiko. Orine then receives a video message from a hater, stating that if she does not quit AKB0048 and stop aspiring to be Sashiko, he will set off a bomb at the handshake event and possibly destroy AKB0048. Orine decides to go through with the handshake event, and when the hater appears, finds out the reason he wants to stop Orine from becoming Sashiko is that he wants to protect her name and loves her. Orine asks him to tell her how to become more like Sashiko, and at the end of the episode the hater gives his stamp of approval to allow Orine to become more like Sashiko.


  • The name Rina means "white jasmine" (莉) (ri) and "from" (乃) (na).
  • Rina's surname Sashihara means "finger" (指) (sashi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).






  • Sashiko was the 7th person to hold this name.
  • Orine Aida wants to succeed her.