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Sashiko's Fan


Japanese Name
Romanized Name
English Name
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
First Appearance
Debut Episode 6 - Handshake Debut
Voice Actress/Actor
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Sashiko's Fan is an unidentified boy who is a big fan of Rino Sashihara.


He is a short boy with tusseled brown hair and blue eyes. He shows up at the handshake event wearing a homemade mask in black and gold, and wears a purple shirt and jeans.


He is very beligerent and angry to Orine due to his love for Sashiko. He later reluctantly lowers his guard down and offers Orine advice on how she can become more like Sashiko. It is later revealed in Episode 26 that he became a fan of Orine because his room had posters of her, and he is watching Orine sing, and is cheering her on.


Sashiko's fan appears in Episode 6. When Orine appears in a promo video for the 77th Generation and states that she wants to succeed Sashiko, the boy becomes enraged and sends a video threat to Orine, telling her that if she does not quit AKB0048, he will bomb the handshake event. He shows up at the event and makes to attack Orine, but Chieri steps between them and throws him off guard by acting sweet and thanking him for coming. When an explosion rocks the stadium, the girls assume it is him, but he protests it is not him as he runs. The girls go to chase after him, but Orine blocks them, telling them to let him go.

Later, Orine sees him knocked down in the crowd and runs to help him. He shuns her, saying he knows what she is trying to do and no one can replace Sashiko. Orine realizes that he loves Sashiko. When a DES robot comes crashing down towards them, Orine saves the fan. She then tearfully asks him to tell her what will make her more like Sashiko. He is stunned by this and doesn't say a word as Takamina carries him off. Later, Orine makes to approach him, but he runs away.

He later sends Orine a video, telling her that she may not have all the qualities of Sashiko, but he would not be opposed to her trying to become more like her.