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"I think 00 is full of smiles, happiness and love."
—Sonata in Episode 13
Sonata Shinonome


Japanese Name 東雲楚方 (しののめ そなた)
Romanized Name Shinonome Sonata
English Name Sonata Shinonome
Age 11
Birthday July 7th
Height 143 cm
Homeworld Saharastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 2 - The Chosen Lights
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Kumi Yagami
English Voice Juliet Simmons

Sonata Shinonome (東雲 楚方, Shinonome Sonata) is one of the main characters in the AKB0048 series and the younger sister of Kanata Shinonome. Along with her sister, she is also one of the AKB0048's trainees.


Sonata has straight, shoulder length orange-yellow hair with a small section of it tied into one ponytail on each side and has light orange eyes. She wears a small black hat with bunny ears on the side of her head. In her pre-trainee outfit, she wears a pink hoodie with bunny ears, a white dress with black and blue ruffles, and a pair of black lace-up shoes. Like all the AKB0048's trainees, she has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Sonata is an excitable, immature girl, like most children. She has a passion for adventure and is determined to join AKB0048, even if she did fail the first audition. At times, she speaks in the third person, though not always. She seems to enjoy giving people nicknames, calling Suzuko 'Linda', Makoto 'Grumbly', Chieri 'Meanyface', Megumi 'Nasty', and Yuka 'Demon'. She also has a tendency to say words in pig-latin sometimes such as oobs-bay.



Season 1[]

Sonata was born on a desert planet. She used to smile to Kanata's singing, but when their father, who was the leader of a pro-entainment coalition, got killed, Kanata left Sonata behind with her mother in order to join AKB0048 so she can avenge their father's death by fighting DES, the organization responsible for the death of their father. Since then, Sonata wanted to join AKB0048 so she can be reunited with her sister.

Sonata, unlike the other girls, did not pass the first round of AKB0048 auditions, presumably because she didn't meet the age requirement. Unsatisfied with this result, she became a stowaway on the ship en route for the auditions, surviving by stealing food from vending machines. It should be noted that her sister Kanata was not on board with her. She first met Suzuko Kanzaki checking to see if members of the ship's crew had left. She later meets Orine Aida, Yuka Ichijo, Makoto Yokomizo and Nagisa Motomiya when she interrupts their conversation, overhearing that they too want to join AKB0048. Whilst she is at first looked for by the members of the crew, they don't seem to be too concerned about her after the DES attack on the ship and tip-off that Chieri Sono is also on board. She, along with the other trainees managed to escaped the DES thanks to AKB0048 who came to rescue the trainees.

On board the training ship in Episode 3, Sonata tells Tsubasa that she is here to audition, despite being rejected in the first round. Tsubasa smiles at her and says to go ahead as no one is stopping her. Sonata then participates in the grueling training, and goes to the guerilla planet, where she along with her six friends makes it through and become the 77th Generation trainees of AKB0048.

On the homeworld of AKB0048, Sonata is overjoyed to see her sister Kanata in Episode 4, cheering her on in her performance on stage with Mimori and tackling her backstage while squealing "Onee!" over and over. However, Kanata's reception is very cold to Sonata, saying she cannot be here due to the age rule. Tsubasa steps in and informs Kanata that it is her sister's decision, and that she does not have the right to decide Sonata's fate. As Kanata storms off, Sonata is left hurt and wondering why her sister acted the way she did.

Later, Sonata tries to make Kanata warm up by saying she only wanted to spend time with Kanata, but Kanata leaves the room without saying a word to her. Sonata later confronts her in the hallway, and Kanata makes to slap her, but Mimori stops her. Sonata says her sister is a liar and runs away. Later in dance practice, when Chieri criticizes Kanata for her poor performance, Sonata leaps to her sister's defense, scolding Chieri and calling her "Meanyface". Later in the afternoon, as Mimori and Kanata sit singing on the hillside, Sonata appears on the hill alongside her friends and cheers Kanata on. Finally, Kanata gives in to Sonata, and a happy Sonata charges down the hill and hugs her sister before joining in the song.

During Episode 5, Sonata gets Suzuko to join her in the bath, as usually when she fools around in the bath, she ends up being scolded by Kanata. As she frolics in the bath, Suzuko informs her of her thoughts and worries about Sensei Sensei. Mayuyu suddently appears in the bath, and after telling Suzuko a bit about Sensei Sensei, torments Sonata for eating her extra helpings. After a conversation with Yukirin, Suzuko drags Sonata out to spy on Tsubasa with her. Sonata at first protests as she does not want to lose her belly button, but eventually warms up when she finds a cat in Suzuko's hiding place. At the end of the episode, she is sleeping beside Suzuko as Tsubasa and Ushiyama walk up.

In Episode 6, it shows Sonata giving fan mail to Orine, which turns out to be a threat. Later, during the handshake event, Sonata wears bunny ears to the handshake event and tries to use Makoto as a shield, but Makoto strongly refuses.

In Episode 07, Kanata, Mimori, Chieri and the 76th generation trainee Megumi are choosen to be stand-ins for some succesors, Sonata is extremely happy for her friends and her sister but also a bit disapointed that she was not choosen to sing alongside her elder sister but soon cheers up to her usual self.

Episode 08, shows Sonata's and her fellow trainees who were not choosen to be stand-ins on the past concerts, efforts of begging Ushiyama to watch their training pais off and the entire 77th generation along with 76th generation Megumi and 75th generation Kanata and Mimori to perform in a guerilla concert on a planet under a complete entertainment ban. Sonata is very happy.

Sonata and her friends who were choosen as stand-ins help Tsubasa to create a plan to perform the guerilla concert without too much disturbance from the DES by performing infront of a few girls on the planet in Episode 09, helping the succesors deal with the main concert in a more appropriate manner.


  • The name Sonata means "whip, cane" (楚) (so) and "person, side" (方) (nata).
  • Sonata's surname Shinonome means "dawn, sunrise, daybreak" (東雲).






  • She is the shortest and the youngest of the trainees in AKB0048.
  • Suzuko calls her "Sonati" and by Episode 26, it is revealed that her fans call her this as well.
  • Sonata was the one who gave Suzuko the nickname "Linda" in Episode 2.
  • She should have been banned from the AKB0048 audtions due to her age, but when Tsubasa sees her determination of joining AKB0048, she allows her to participate in the auditions.
  • She wants to inherit Lovetan's name.
  • In Episode 17, Sonata reveals that she voted for herself, however, members are not supposed to vote for each other, let alone themselves.
  • Sonata has very good eyesight.
  • Suzuko notes that she has "chestnut" hair, yet her hair appears to be slightly orange.