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"00 is full of love! They're wrong for hating us! DES are just bullies! Hold your head high, Sonati!"
—Suzuko talking to Sonata.
Suzuko Kanzaki

Suzuko's Headshot

Japanese Name 神埼鈴子 (かんざき すずこ)
Romanized Name Kanzaki Suzuko
English Name Suzuko Kanzaki
Age 14
Birthday August 6th
Height 157 cm
Homeworld Eurostar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 2 - The Chosen Lights
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Sawako Hata
English Voice Caitlynn French

Suzuko Kanzaki () is one of the main characters in the anime AKB0048. She is also one of the trainees of AKB0048.


Suzuko has short curled pale green hair, yellow-green eyes and dons a pair of oval glasses.

Like all the AKB0048's trainees, she has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Suzuko is shown to be a quiet, not very talkative girl, but a diehard fan of AKB0048. This is shown in Episode 2 when she tells Sonata she has a good chance of getting into AKB0048 due to her height of under 154cm and hairstyle resemblance to that of a previous AKB0048 member, Paruru the 3rd. She is calm, a clear thinker and often takes notes or takes photos of her surroundings. In Episode 8, she showed her fighting spirit by headbutting Megumi.


  • Grandmother


Season 1[]

Suzuko comes from Eurostar, a grassy and hilly planet. She did not have any confidence until she saw the group AKB0048 on tv. She used to watch it with her grandmother. From that point on, Suzuko vowed to become a manager like Tsubasa.

Suzuko first appears in front of a group of vending machines in Episode 2, where Sonata is hiding as she is a stowaway on the ship. When the crew questions Suzuko, she mentions she saw no one. As the crew runs away, Sonata jumps out from behind the vending machine and thanks Suzuko, signing her autograph on a soda can and giving Suzuko the nickname "Linda". Suzuko later joins Sonata, Nagisa, Yuka, Orine, and Makoto for lunch. She impresses the other girls with her knowledge of the past generations of AKB0048. When the DES attacks, Suzuko and Makoto run away together. When the soldiers come down a hall where the girls are hiding behind a cooler, Makoto runs away scared, and Suzuko runs after her. She later is seen in the escape vessel alongside the other girls, including Chieri.

During the training in Episode 3, Suzuko experiences the same troubles as the other girls, but eventually is able to succeed in her training. She is among the seven chosen trainees for the 77th Generation, after conquering the guerilla scenerio on the guerilla planet.

After arriving on Akibastar and meeting Kanata and Mimori, Suzuko is seen looking at the pictures of the previous girls who have been Center Nova. Possessing the knowledge she does of AKB0048, she tells the girls who the Centers are and what happened to the Center Position. She is seen at the end of the episode singing along with the other girls, minus Chieri, as the sun goes down.

In Episode 5, Suzuko joins Sonata in the bath, where she states that she wants to spend her day doing some investigation into who is really in charge of AKB0048, as she is sure it is not Chef Papa or Tsubasa. Mayuyu then enters and tells Suzuko that the name of the person in charge is Sensei Sensei. Before Suzuko can ask more, Mayuyu turns to tormenting Sonata. Later, after a conversation with Yukirin, Suzuko decides to take matters into her own hands and follows Tsubasa out into the city with Sonata in tow. Once she finds Tsubasa having dinner with Ushiyama, she first mistakenly thinks Sensei Sensei is him, until he mentions him. Suzuko and Sonata stay out in the bushes hiding so long they fall asleep, and are found by Ushiyama and Tsubasa.

In Episode 6, Suzuko appears with the other girls as they are viewing their promotional video, and later on the shopping trip and dance practice. She explains to the girls the history of the handshake event, and appears at the AKB0048 booth. Later, she is shown escorting fans out of the stadium along with Mimori and Orine.

In Episode 8, she and the other 77th Generation chosen to performing on Tundrastar. She headbutted Megumi because she was upset at hearing Megumi's words to Kanata. And in the night, it's shown that her head was being compressed because of her headbutt.

In Episode 9, she and the other 77th Generation playing some snow on Tundrastar. Later she and the other meet their fans on Tundrastar. She with Nagisa and Sonata singing Aitakatta for their fans.

In Episode 10, she helps Makoto with her problems. She also reveals that one day she hopes to graduate and become like Tsubasa, supporting the members of AKB0048.

In Episode 11, she meets a huge fan of hers, Mamoru, Yuka's friend and love interest on Lancastar .

Season 2 - Next Stage[]

When the 77th Generation understudies and Kanata find Yuuko singing Kaze wa Fuiteiru by the turbines, and Nagisa expresses regret over taking down her Yuuko posters, Suzuko offers to give her a liveholo (presumably a holographically projected video) of Yuuko along with Makoto's holo player.


  • The name Suzuko means "bell" (鈴) (suzu) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Suzuko's surname Kanzaki means "god" (神) (kan) and "cape, spit, promontory" (埼) (saki/zaki).


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  • In Episode 2, Sonata gave her the nickname "Linda" when Sonata was autographing Suzuko's drink, this is because Suzuko's first kanji, Suzu can be read as Rin which means bell. R and L are not distinguished in Japanese. In Episode 4, Suzuko wanted Nagisa and the other girls to call her Linda too, however, the nickname never stuck.
  • She calls Sonata, "Sonati".
  • In Episode 17, she reveals that she voted for Sonata ten times, however, members are not supposed to vote for each other.