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Inhabitants of Tundrastar.

Tundrastar is a planet located some light years from Earth. Imposed with the entertainment ban, AKB0048 held a guerilla concert on the cold and desolate planet. The potrayal of society on Tundrastar is dystopian and dismal, due to the fact that it is one of the planet under Deep Galactic Trade Organization regime. The people of Tundrastar speak mostly Russian, but as well as Japanese. Tundrastar's known inhabitants are Alyona, Vera, Gina and Nika.


Tundrastar has a devolved legislative council when it became part of Deep Galactic Trade Organization. The legislative council is responsible to make it's local laws but are limited to the powers of the central government which has the right to abolish laws that defies its constitution. It along with other planets has its own local party chapters of the Deep Galactic Trade Organization Party.


Income of the people are after all, below par. Many of them lived in poverty, famine remains a major problem. The major industries are mainly Fishing, Hunting and Mining. Most of these fractions are controlled by the state government, in which the government earn income from these industries as a way of controlling the nation's economy. Dualium mining is probably strongly carry out at such planet since the ban is harshly enforced here.

Similarities to Russia[]

The presentation of the town of which AKB0048 had visited had strikingly similar societal and climatic conditions with the real life Soviet Union, a former communist state of which present-day Russia had been a part of before 1991. The food ration lines and militarisitc orderliness of society is one that would have been a common scene in a typical Soviet city, especially during the reign of dictator Joseph Stalin during the 1930s (as if somebody wrote this bullshit have ever seen any Soviet city, especially "during 1930s"). Since Tundrastar is part of the entertainment ban, it may possibly be suggested the galactic government that has banned entertainment may be a communist state, due to the similar censorship laws that are currently and were observed in real life communist states.