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  • WhiteRibbon

    It's the news we were all hoping for! A few hours ago it was announced on the official website that there would be a new season of the anime coming in 2013!

    I'd also like to apologize for my complete absence on the wiki these past few weeks. I've just been soooooo lazy :c

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  • WhiteRibbon

    Going to Scotland

    June 1, 2012 by WhiteRibbon

    Right, well, since it's the Diamond Jubilee Weekend (I'm British) me and my parents are going to Edinburgh in Scotland from Saturday to Tuesday. I'm unlikely to be on for that period, since we've got a packed schedule, though I might have time to pop in on occasion. This also means I won't be able to watch the latest episode till Wednesday :( This means I'll need somebody to update the poll and latest episode templates on the front page- I don't care who does it. I've also made Dara-chan25 an Admin, and I'm probably going to make a few more users Admins soon too. So thanks, guys! Look after the wiki whilst I'm gone! :3

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  • WhiteRibbon

    I thought I would make this page so the results of past polls could be tracked. Winning options are in bold. Here they are:

    Week One - What do you think of AKB0048 so far?

    The results were:

    I love it! - 19

    I like it - 0

    It's alright. - 0

    I don't really like it. - 0

    I hate it. - 0

    I haven't watched it yet. - 0

    Week Two - Who is your favourite trainee?

    The results were:

    Orine Aida - 1

    Yuka Ichijo - 0

    Nagisa Motomiya - 3

    Makoto Yokomizo - 1

    Sonata Shinonome - 2

    Suzuko Kanzaki - 1

    Chieri Sono - 11

    Kanata Shinonome - 1

    Mimori Kishida - 0

    Week Three - Who is your favourite AKB0048 member?

    The results wre:

    Sayaka Akimoto - 3

    Tomomi Itano - 1

    Yuko Oshima - 12

    Yuki Kashiwagi - 2

    Haruna Kojima - 4

    Minami Takahashi - 4

    Atsuko Maeda - 3

    Sae Miyazawa -

    Mayu Watanabe - 11

    Week Four - …

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