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Japanese Name やよい
Romanized Name Yayoi
English Name Yayoi
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
First Appearance
Debut Episode 6 - Handshake Debut
Voice Actress/Actor
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Yayoi is a little girl who is a fan of Orine Aida.


Yayoi is a cute little girl with light brown hair tied in pigtails and big blue eyes.


Yayoi is very excited and very happy to meet her idol Orine.


Yayoi is the first fan to show up at the booths when the 77th Generation of AKB0048 arrives. She is Orine's fan and is accompanied by her older sister. Her big sister says that Yayoi kept on talking about how Orine was cute in her promotional video. She extends her hand for Orine to shake and Orine takes it in both of her hands. When her sister tells Yayoi to thank Orine, Orine thanks her first fan with tears in her eyes. Later, Orine runs to comfort Yayoi during the attack by DES, and after the attack Yayoi runs up to her and hugs her, thanking her for saving her. She says that if they make a card for Orine, she'll buy it.




  • Yayoi shares the same first name as Yayoi Takatsuki from Idolm@ster as well as has a similar hair colour and style.