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Yui Yokoyama


Japanese Name 横山由依 (よこやまゆい)
Romanized Name Yokoyama Yui
English Name Yui Yokoyama
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
First Appearance
Debut Episode 15 - A Shocking New Initiative!?
Voice Actress/Actor
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Yokoyama Yui is a member of AKB0048. She is the 7.5th person to succeed this name. She is also known as Yuihan (ゆいはん).


She has dark hair in a shade of green-brown, with her eyes being the same shade. Her hair is twisted into a braid on both sides of her head, and tucked behind her head. She leaves a longer strand of fringe to fall on both sides of her face. Like all AKB0048 members and understudies, she has a heart shaped lining in her hair and her eyes.

AKB48 Member[]

Yui Yokoyama (2015)

Yui Yokoyama was born on December 8th (AKB48's birthday), 1992 in Kyoto, Japan. She joined AKB48 as a 9th generation member and is currently the captain of AKB48 Team A. She will replace Minami Takahashi as General Manager in December. She is also a member of the unit Not Yet. Since 2012 she is a regulary senbatsu member just like Haruka Shimazaki. Their relationship is called YuiParu. She ranked #10 in this year election.